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Dr. Linda’s Back Pain Solutions


Dr. Smith has been managing back and neck pain for 36 years. The tips and strategies that follow are carefully designed to help you have a healthy, pain-free back and neck.


Top Tips for managing your back and neck pain.


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Please make sure to view the video below regarding Dr. Linda’s Best Back Cushion. 

Dr. Linda has focused on creating the best back cushion for your car. If you are looking for the best lumbar support, low back support cushion, look no further than Dr. Linda’s Best Back Cushion.





Here is one review from Maura Kennedy, an artist and musician from New York City:


“I don’t usually endorse products, but I have to let my road warrior friends know about this back support which has provided great relief from long hours on the road. I discovered Dr. Linda Wheatland Smith just when I needed her most! As a traveling musician who has been on the road for over 25 years, I really feel the effects of all the long hours of driving from gig to gig on my back. I’ve tried different kinds of pillows and lower back supports in the car to varying results. No matter what I try, I always feel stiff when getting up out of the car after sitting still for long stretches. But now I know what all those back pillows were missing — FULL back support that extends all the way up to the neck! As soon as I sat down in my car with Dr. Linda’s Back Cushion in place, I could feel the cushion envelope my whole spine with its gentle, natural contours. What an instant feeling of relief! Now, several hundred miles down the road, I know I’ll be able to continue to tour without worrying about worsening back pain and stiffness because my spine is staying in the correct position during all the long drive hours. Thank you, Dr. Linda! Beep beep!”




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