Ways to Ensure Proper Nutrition: Follow the Rainbow!

Having a “rainbow” of colors on your plate will help ensure proper nutrition and good health.

Just like sunshine and rain creates a beautiful rainbow in the sky, when you aim for a variety of “rainbow colors” on your breakfast, lunch, or dinner plate you’re helping your body to get take in a variety of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Click on the image below for a handy print-out that you can keep on your refrigerator or pantry door. If you have young children at home, help them plan meals by picking foods from the different color categories. You might find that even the pickiest eater is now looking forward to dinner!


Proper and balanced nutrition is essential for good health and complements chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture treatments. At Hands on Health we believe that wellness education is an essential component in the prevention of disease. If you have questions about diet, exercise, and stress management please contact our office for a consultation.


Eat a Rainbow of Colors for Good Nutrition

Eat from the colors of the rainbow for good health!


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